Thursday, December 10, 2015

Cupcake Toothpaste, Teeth Grinding, Mouth Guards & 15 Other Dental News Items - Dec. 2015

(1) Will cupcake flavored toothpaste get your child to brush for the  recommended 2 minutes, twice a day?

(2) If you suspect that you may be grinding your teeth as you sleep, I can do a quick check-up to determine if it's true.

(3) For the most pressing medical issue facing the NFL today—head injuries—a mouthguard acts as an early warning system.

(4) Candy Canes. Hot Cocoa. Gingerbread Cookies. Sweets overload this holiday season? Hermey the Elf, Dental Do Gooder, can help with that!

"Have You Been Naughty or Nice With Your Teeth?"

(5) Hermey the Elf shows kids how important it is to care for their teeth in these fun, holiday coloring pages.

(6) WHAT IF YOU HAD ANIMAL TEETH? takes children on a fun, informative, and imaginative journey as they explore what it would be like if their own front teeth were replaced by those of a different animal.

Featuring a dozen animals (beaver, great white shark, narwhal, elephant, rattlesnake, naked mole rat, hippopotamus, crocodile, and more), this book explores how different teeth are especially adapted for an animal's survival.

At the end of the book, children will discover why their own teeth are just right for them. And they'll also get a friendly reminder to take good care of their teeth, because they're the only teeth they'll ever have.

Each spread features a photograph of the animal using its specialized teeth on the left and a humorous illustrated image of a child using that animal's teeth on the right.

(7) Using sugary mints to mask bad breath is a bad idea. I recall when you could buy little bottles of peppermint oil at any grocery store, to squirt into your mouth. I don't know why they vanished.

But here are some herbal alternatives for fresh breath, plus foods that improve your overall body pleasantness.

(8) Prevention and early detection can help avoid pain, trouble eating, difficulty speaking and school absences.

“When people are beginning to do their pediatrician checks to make sure their kids are school-ready, make sure teeth are part of it,” says pediatric dentist and American Dental Association spokesperson Dr. Mary Hayes.

(9) Teeth from a cave in south China show that Homo sapiens reached China around 100,000 years ago — a time at which most researchers had assumed that our species had not trekked far beyond Africa.

“This is stunning, it’s major league,” says Michael Petraglia, an archaeologist at the University of Oxford, UK who was not involved in the research. “It’s one of the most important finds coming out of Asia in the last decade.”

(10) "Foods that are high in cellulose--a strong starchlike compound found in celery, carrots, and apples--act as natural abrasives, cleansing teeth and removing surface stains naturally," says Jeff Golub-Evans, D.D.S., a cosmetic dentist in New York City.

And greens such as spinach, broccoli, and lettuce contain mineral compounds that form a film over the teeth, so pigments from other foods can't stain.

(11) Are you making any of these mistakes with your teeth, the jewels of your mouth?

(12) You may be ruining your precious teeth and not even realize it.

(13) Why do wisdom teeth get "impacted"? What are the symptoms of an impacted wisdom tooth?

(14) Your teeth connect you to life via eating and society via talking and smiling. Ever wonder why your teeth come in different shapes?

(15) People are starting to realize that neglecting dental health can bring about a disaster to their overall health.

(16) Healthy teeth are vital to overall health. They can also be a glamour status symbol to some people.

(17) I hate to have to say it, but soda is incredibly bad news for teeth. More and more research is showing this to be true.

(18) Illinois House approves greater role for dental assistants.

(19) They had to chase Burge. When they caught up with him, he had hid items he stole from the store in his pants.

They found he had steaks, a bottle of Advil PM -- and a Crest Teeth Whitening Kit.

(20) Diabetics have special issues with dental care. They are twice as likely to lose teeth.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Teeth Care for Kids VIDEO

Sit down with your kids and watch this instructional cartoon video together. It teaches children about baby teeth and the importance of teeth.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Tips on Adjusting to Your New Partial Dentures

Partials are a type of denture that do not replace all your teeth, but act as a way to preserve remaining teeth, support your jaw integrity, and make smiling and chewing a lot better.

Pulling teeth is an extreme measure that should not be taken lightly. Whenever possible, a good dentist will try to save your remaining teeth, even if you have lost quite a few.

If any dentist tells you he or she has to pull all your bottom teeth, or any other extreme and expensive procedure, warning bells should go off in your head. ALWAYS get a 2nd or 3rd opinion. I can't stress this enough.

Your new partials will feel a bit strange at first. You may even think, "What have I done? This is kind of awkward getting used to." That's normal.

You've got some new hardware in your mouth. Chewing and talking will seem slightly odd at first.

But within a very short time, you'll get used to your partial dentures, popping them in and out of your mouth, and chewing up your favorite foods like before. Plus, you'll have a lot more confidence in smiling and talking.

Here is some advice on getting used to your partials.

(1) You will have more saliva production in your mouth for a brief amount of time. This will end soon.

(2) You will probably notice that food seems to stick to the partials, making you think you've got big gobs of cuisine jammed in them. It feels that way, but there will be far less food stuck in them that it feels like. Just pop them out, rinse out your mouth and rinse the partials, then pop them back in.

When convenient, brush and floss your remaining teeth and brush the partials, too, before popping them back in.

(3) Avoid dining in restaurants for a few days or weeks. You need to get adjusted to chewing with your partials before you'll want to eat in a public place.

Also -- avoid sticky foods and foods that require a lot of strenuous chewing at first. Go with softer cuisine. Cut up small sections and take your time getting used to eating your food.

(4) Keep telling yourself, "I have modern technology in my mouth now. I will be patient. Soon it will be no big deal and everything will be back to normal."

(5) Follow all instructions from your dentist.

(6) If your partials seem to not fit right after a few days, or there's a pinching when you pop them out, tell your dentist. He or she can probably get you in quickly to make some minor adjustments to increase your comfort and perfect the fit.

(7) NEVER use toothpaste or any abrasive cleansing agent to clean your partials. A mild liquid soap or dishwashing detergent, like Dawn, will be fine.

(8) Keep your partials away from pets like dogs or cats, because they may try to chew and eat them.

(9) Rinse off and gently brush your partials in cool water, NEVER hot water.

(10) Have a rubber mat or cloth towel in the sink, under your partials, as you clean them, to cushion their fall  in case you drop them.

(11) Take your partial dentures out every night before you go to bed. This will allow your gums to get air.

(12) NEVER force your partials into place by biting down or clenching your jaws. They should slip in and out with relative ease.

(13) Wear your partials a lot, especially at first, so possible problems can be more quickly identified.

(14) Avoid bending or breaking your partials.

(15) Store them in a glass of cool water overnight.

(16) If you have a bit of difficulty speaking clearly, practice reading a book or making a speech out loud to adjust your mouth to the new hardware in it.

(17) NEVER try to adjust or repair your partials by yourself. You could end up ruining them. Have only the dentist who fitted you for them do the adjusting or repairing.

(18) Never loan your partials to another person. [Okay, this is just a joke. I hope!]

Keep these tips in mind and you'll be on your way to full satisfaction with your new partial dentures!