Thursday, August 13, 2015

Should I Get All My Teeth Pulled and Get Dentures?

If you have a lot of bad teeth, should you get all your teeth pulled and replace them with a set of dentures?

Probably not, but each case must be evaluated on its own. In most cases, we want to preserve the remaining teeth. Bridges, implants, or partials might be the best solution.

Some of my Peoria, IL dental patients come to me with bad teeth.

First, don't be ashamed or embarrassed about it. There are many reasons for rotting teeth. Don't blame yourself or feel guilty.

Dentists are non-judgmental. We focus on compassion, understanding, and solutions!

Some facts about dentures:

(1) Dentures have improved greatly in recent years.

(2) Dentures are generally the last resort.

(3) If we must remove all your teeth and replace them with dentures, it's a lot less painful to do than you might imagine.

(4) Dentures are made of much better materials nowadays.

(5) In the 1800s, poor people had all their teeth pulled, and sold their teeth, so rich people could have dentures made out of them!

(6) Older people often have partial or full dentures, but your teeth don't naturally decay and fall out just because of your advanced age.

(7) Even full dentures must be relined or replaced with new dentures eventually. One set of dentures may not last your entire life.

(8) Do NOT rush to the conclusion that you need full dentures just because you're missing a lot of teeth, or because your existing teeth are in poor shape. Bridges and partials might be a far better, and more economical, solution.

If you have concerns about dentures, or are having trouble with current dentures, please contact my office.

Chances are, you'll be pleasantly surprised at the solutions we can offer you!

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