Monday, August 3, 2015

Cecil the Lion: A Peoria Dentist Responds

Cecil the Lion.

I have a few thoughts about the “DENTIST” that killed Cecil, the lion.

First, no professional wants to hear that a member of his/her profession has done something very wrong.

I kind of cringe when the news media keeps referring to this man as the “DENTIST” that killed Cecil.  I know that it was wrong and a few people may think that dentists are weird or mean, because this dentist killed a lion.

Personally, I would love to go to Africa some day, but I could never hunt game. I would enjoy seeing these animals in their natural environment.

I also have adopted three dogs in the last twenty years from dog rescue shelters. I presently have a black lab, named, Jack. I would hope that something could be resolved to help the people of Africa.

Perhaps, this dentist could do some volunteer dentistry in Africa helping people in need. Many dentists, including me give countless hours of volunteer dentistry to people of need. We all need to be compassionate to animals and fellow human beings.

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