Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Same Day Dentures and Other Dubious Dental Services

There are dental service chains advertising how you can get new dentures in just one day. Or have dental work done at  a super low price. You see their TV commercials all the time. Their online ads are all over the internet.

This "fast food" type dental service is compelling to many patients. So what's really going on here?

If it sounds too good to be true, you probably should "look before you leap."

Free websites you make yourself typically have lousy SEO values -- and you're often locked into a content management system that won't let you do certain things.

Super cheap used cars generally mean you have to eventually dump a lot of money into repairs to keep them going.

What about "same day dentures" and other dental services that are advertised as cheap and fast?

You tend to get what you pay for.

I will not condemn any specific companies or criticize patients who use such high volume dental services.

But I can tell you that some of those who try these services will likely go to a mainstream dentist to fix what these services have done. Why risk having to pay twice for one dental service?

Google such phrases as "cheap dentures reviews" or "low cost dental implants reviews" and see what kind of patient evaluations, complaints, praises, critique, and horror stories are out there.

Credible reviews will typically not be 100% negative nor 100% positive. 

Trustworthy reviewers tend to mix good and bad remarks, with specifics that seem authentic, true to real life situations. In some cases, a review may be all bad or all good, but even then, you'll notice little details and personal quirks in them that make the reviews ring true and sound authentic.

Do a little research online. Then call 4 or 5 dentists and orthodontists, to get their opinions. Consider all angles, then come to your own conclusion.

if a discount, "fast food" type dental services has caused you problems, contact my office. I will personally consult you on what needs to be fixed, how much it may cost, and various payment options.

Your teeth are among your very best friends in life. 

Treat them with dignity and respect!

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