Monday, April 13, 2015

Gordon J. Christensen seminar was fantastic

I recently attended another Gordon J. Christensen website seminar and it was incredible.

This retired dentist has dedicated himself to keeping up with all the latest dental technology and innovative practices.

He's really gifted in his ability to present information about the new scientific breakthroughs and proven techniques in advanced dentistry.

His seminars and clinical training are one of the ways I update my dentist skills set, so I can offer my patients the most advanced care for their gums and teeth.

Teachings by Christensen and his colleagues have such titles as "Affordable Treatment of Complex Cases," "Successful Real World Practice: Fixed Prosthodontics," "Faster, Easier, Higher Quality, Cost-effective Dentistry," "Optimal Peridontal Techniques for General Practice," "Implant Surgery," "Restorative Dentistry," "Implementing Cone Beam Technology into Your Practice," "Oral Surgery Secrets."

By attending the most prestigious and creative dental industry conferences and training programs, the expertise I bring to your individual dental needs is constantly fresh and upgraded for highest professionalism.

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