Friday, April 24, 2015

Top 10 Topics in Dentistry

Dental health is a big issue for all ages.

Your concerns and needs are important to me.

As a dentist, I'm always wanting to know what questions my patients have and what they want to understand better. It helps to keep track of what is trending, and going viral, when it comes to conversations about teeth and gums.

There are many ways I can discover what patients are typically worried about, or fascinated with, and you may find it interesting how I attempt to learn more about patients in general.

The American Dental Association, on their consumer facing website Mouth Healthy, presents this list of the most popular dental issues.

Which ones are you most interested in? Something not on this list? Post a comment and I'll respond to it.

Top 10 Dental Topics (click on topic to read more):

(1) baby teeth

(2) sensitive teeth

(3) dentures

(4) root canal

(5) wisdom teeth

(6) thumb sucking

(7) baby bottle tooth decay

(8) gum disease

(9) dental sealants

(10) antiobiotic prophylaxis or pre-medication

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