Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Pain Free, Affordable, High Tech Dentistry

Our teeth and gums are extremely important. They're our tools for consuming the food we need to survive. They help us speak, whistle, and pass on oral traditions in the forms of song and story.

Three things often keep people away from getting their dental needs met.

(1) Fear of pain.

But my patients don't have to worry about that. I make sure they are comfortable and not experiencing any painful sensations whatsoever. With the fast acting, modern dental painkillers available today, there is no need to feel any pain at all. After your procedure, you may also need pain medicine as the novacaine wears off. In these cases, you can count on pain  being kept at bay, so you can get back to normal.

(2) Cost.

Your dental care will be provided at the most affordable rate possible. Specific cost-savings gained from improved procedures and more effective technology are passed on to patients in the form of affordable dental care.

(3) Modernization.

If you're seeking a dentist that maintains continuing education, to stay on top of the latest developments in dental technology, this is my specialty. State of the art equipment and enhanced technique generally means more comfort and faster treatments for you, the patient.

If you'd like to talk about your dental needs, or are ready to set up an appointment, please CONTACT me at:

James Lynn Davis, DMD

1318 W. Candletree Drive, #2

Peoria, IL 61614


(309) 692-6206


Get started today with Pain Free, Affordable, High Tech Dentistry for a new and happier smile.

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